Lawn Hill National Park

Well, here is Lawn Hill National Park. This is an amazing place and none of us wanted to leave. It is located in North West Queensland and has been occupied by Aborginies for thousands years, before becoming a cattle property. In 1986 the cattle property owner donated the land to the people of Queensland for it to be used as a National Park. Today it is jointly managed by the traditional owners called the Waagni people and QLD Parks and Wildlife.

The fresh water crocodiles were a bit scary at first, but they really don’t worry about us.

We hope you enjoy it!

Leah & Hannah

Next Stop Nardoo Station

We are now at Nardoo Station.

Having a great time feeding the pigs, cows and meeting some new friends!

Nardoo Station is a working cattle property that has 15,000 cattle and 150 horses that are used for mustering. There are two helicopters and there are six houses located over 780 square miles! So we made sure we always had plenty of water and sunscreen.

Dad was last at Nardoo station 18 years ago, and they used to call him 13 because he had size 13 feet when he was 13 years old.

We hope you enjoy the blog!

From Leah & Hannah.
PS This video is larger than normal, so you may have to come back in a few minutes to give it time to download

On The Road – At Last

Hi Guys,

Well, we have finally hit the road! We are 8 days into our trip and have more videos to come.

Our first video was in Richmond at Kronosorus Korner, about 500kms west of Townsville. Thanks to everyone who is watching the blog, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do making it.

Richmond is about the hottest spot in the world for finding dinosaur fossils at the moment, and they have found some amazing bones in peoples back yards and on the Cattle properties.

The entire area used to be an inland ocean around 100 million years ago and most of the dinasours found, used to live in the ocean.

Our next stop will be at Nardoo Station. Thanks for all the comments we hope you post some more.

Have fun,

Leah & Hannah