Orphanage Children

Hi Everyone,

Here is our first video in Vietnam about an Orphanage we visited. These children were some of the lucky one’s that were taken to the Orphanage. We wanted to bring some of them home with us!! Some of them are adopted out from time to time, but the Orphanage does not have enough space for the children.

The Master of the orphanage is saving up to build more rooms and a school.

We love to read your comments, so feel free to let us know what you think about the video.

Hanoi – Northern Vietnam

Hi Everyone,

Hannah and I are on another adventure for three weeks. We have already been to Singapore that was great fun.
Now Hannah and I are in Ha Noi which is in Vitnam, we have had some great fun!

We are in Vietnam tolearn about the Vietnamese way of life. We will be meeting the water people of Halong Bay who live in housesthat have been built on the water – they even have a floating school.We go for scooter rides in crazy traffic and learn how locals work veryhard to make just a few dollars a day selling bananas on the street.

We will have more in the next few weeks.

The photo below is at an Orphanage we visited. The little girl we are holding was dumped at the front of the Orphanage in February. There were 80 children living there.


Leah and Hannah

Riversleigh Fossil Dig

Today we are going to a Top Secret location with a team of Paleontologists from the University of NSW. Once a year the Paleontologists come to Riversleigh and dig for fossils. Sir David Attenborough claims that Riversleigh is the fourth best fossil dig in the world at present.

One of the highlights of the day was finding a jaw bone that belonged to a Marsupial Lion that roamed Australia 25 million years ago.

This was a very exciting day.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Willie Creek

This week we are at the Willie Creek Pearl Farm, north of Broome in Western Australia. Pearls are grown inside oyster shells and take two years to grow. The shells can be used up to four times and each time the make a bigger pearl. So the really big pearls take at least eight years to grow.

We had heaps of fun at this place, so we hope you like it too.

Bye from,

Leah & Hannah

If you have fast internet you can see it here also.

Willie Creek from Leah May on Vimeo.

Kimberley Ranges

Hi Guys,

This week we are heading across the Kimberley Ranges all the way to the Dampier Peninsula. We travel along the Gibb River Road which is over 600 km of dusty dirt track. We saw some crocodiles and drove through many creeks and rivers.

We also met a lady named Meena who’s Mum is an Aborigine and she was raised as one of the Stolen Generation children at a mission. Meena taught us about Bush Tucker and how her people had lived off the land for thousands of years.

This is part one of the Kimberley videos and we hope you like it.

Leah & Hannah

Kimberley Ranges, Western Australia from Leah May on Vimeo.

Windjana Gorge

This week we are off to Windjana Gorge in Western Australia. The huge limestone rocks are all that remain from an ancient under water reef system. We saw more fresh water crocodiles than anywhere on the trip.

One of the people staying in our camp also saw a 20 foot long scrub python on a night walk!

We hope you enjoy it!

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory from Leah May on Vimeo.

Lawn Hill National Park

Well, here is Lawn Hill National Park. This is an amazing place and none of us wanted to leave. It is located in North West Queensland and has been occupied by Aborginies for thousands years, before becoming a cattle property. In 1986 the cattle property owner donated the land to the people of Queensland for it to be used as a National Park. Today it is jointly managed by the traditional owners called the Waagni people and QLD Parks and Wildlife.

The fresh water crocodiles were a bit scary at first, but they really don’t worry about us.

We hope you enjoy it!

Leah & Hannah

Lawn Hill National Park, Queensland from Leah May on Vimeo.